The driving force of our trade has always been the preservation of our environment. All action can be traced back to this premise and forms the foundation of our activity.

Respect for

Just as the preservation of our environment as the driving force of our actions, the respect for our employees, our partners and customers and our fellow human beings is a central pillar of all our actions.


We at TerraX are convinced that there is a conscious way to do business.
Profit and sustainability can and must be united so that we can achieve our goals.

Services We Provide

Projects Development

We are in charge of developing highly customized biohydrogen production projects, investing in new technologies and pursuing the so-called circular economy.

Design Solutions

We are experts in the elaboration of design solutions, related to biohydrogen production plants, high rated and certified by an international advisor.


With our team of experts, we are able to develop specific projects that meet the requirements of investors.

Revamping and Repowering

TerraX can develop specific gasification plants with the goal to improve the efficienty of an obsolete plant.

CO2 Certifications

CO2 compensation certifications are a powerful tool used to provide the balance of CO2 emissions, allowing the entrance into the global carbon dioxide market.

Something About Us

Our founder&CEO, Michael Niederbacher, devoted the last 20 years of his life to the world of biogas and gasification. He founded his first company in 2002 and so far, he has developed, engineered and constructed more than 220 AD plants in 12 different countries all over the world. His driving force is to protect our planet and preserve nature for our and future generations. With this spirit he founded a new company, TerraX, to develop new technologies in the field of gasification to produce biohydrogen for the energy transition. He is a warrior to save our planet.


Part of a broader perspective

By the year 2050 all energy gases in Europe and USA will have to be replaced with renewable gases, using all the biomasses available for energy purposes.
Our vision is to drive the world into the necessary transition towards the exclusive use of renewable energies. TerraX wants to be the protagonist of this change, working diligently to improve the energy supply of the world and consequently, the life of those who live there today and tomorrow.


The challenges to face, today.

Our mission is to spread and to improve new technologies for our projects in the field of biomass gasification, designing and investing in eco-sustainable and innovative solutions, which produce value for the planet and for those who intend to operate consciously in it. We provide new technologies, projects and services for a greener future.

Our Team

TerraX consists of a team of agronomists, engineers, biologists, chemists, lawyers and financiers who have been working in the renewable energy sector for more than 15 years and are characterized by a cooperative spirit and strong environmental ethics. This experience is the guarantee that our projects can meet the desired success.

Michael Niederbacher - Founder and CEO of TerraX

His strong desire to protect our planet and preserve nature led him to work on new technologies in the field of gasification, supporting the idea of electricity and renewable gases production out of biomasses.

Gennaro Cecere - Project Development

With 15 years of experience, he supports clients in developing of biohydrogen plants. In TerraX he manages the contracts for the biomass supply, the logistic and the construction sides. He provides the best solution for the biochar valorization, contributing to the success of the company.

Salvatore Di Palma - Project Development

For years he has coordinated an analysis laboratory for testing liquid and solid biomass of the Sicily Region.
Project Manager in several research projects in the field of renewble energy sources, with TerraX he will lead Sicily into a “new era” in the field of biohydrogen production from biomasses.

Philipp Zambaldi - Project Development Hydrogen

With his specialization as a physical chemist in catalytic reforming technologies and his agricultural background, he will contribute to the transition of the renewable energy sector to green biofuels. At TerraX, he is responsible for the development of biohydrogen production from biomasses.

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